Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009


I'm one of student in SMA 1 Demak it's the most favorite school in my city.
I like studying in there because SMA N 1 Demak has complete facilities such as library.
Fist,in the library has book complete for the students.
It has subject book, novel, comic,history book, magazine, newspaper, dictionary,etc. So the students can read book all, but if the student borrow book,the students must have library card and pay many rupiah.
Second in the library very comfortable.
In the library is provided with air conditioner,so that the studentr feel happy going to library or studying in here, beside with air condition,in the library also clean and neat formation follow the kind of book
Third, its service so slowly. We must wait for a long time if we want to borrow some books. And we often late to follow a class, because we must waiting for a long time.
So as the student SMA N 1 Demak must keep the book,so that we can still use it. HORAS!!!!

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